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For today, coins are not only a monetary sign, a means of money circulation and payment, but also a peculiar source of research on historical development, state structure and the social formation of a particular country. Coins are also endowed with important artistic and creative meanings and, in some cases, are unique works of fine arts…


Investment coins are a common means of saving, investing, calculating. These coins are made of precious metal – gold or silver – the highest samples in accordance with world standards.To invest money in coins is extremely simple, profitable and safe. Undoubtedly, this way of investing can be called exquisite …


Exchange rates of Ukrainian hryvnia AND investment metals

Валюта Купівля Продаж НБУ Відділення
USD 37.40 37.80 36.5686
EUR 40.40 40.80 39.6989
Валюта Купівля Продаж НБУ Відділення
GBP 44.50 46.50 45.1311
CHF 39.50 41.50 39.7982
PLN 8.20 8.70 8.472

Payroll Card

“A payroll card from our Bank allows you to receive wages at preferential rates in any corner of Ukraine, in more than 3,000 ATMs of the united ATM network “Radius”, which includes JSC “PERSHY INVESTYCINYI BANK”, as well as in ATMs of the PJSC network “Ukrsotsbank” and make payments for goods or services in shops, restaurants, gas stations and other enterprises in the field of service or trade, as well as on the Internet.

About a month ago my wife and I decided to contact Pinbank for advice on mortgage lending and did not regret it at all (although we did not initially know about the bank and did not consider it at all, we came in randomly)!  We will recommend you to friends and family!

– Ivan
5 stars


I have been servicing a bank in Kiev on Petrovka for the past 7 years.All this time there has not been a single problem situation. The staff is attentive, polite. And the employees do not change. I think it says a lot!

– Maria
5 stars


I have been serving this bank for almost 3 years. I am very pleased with the work and also the service because employees are always careful about me personally as a bank client and to others, as I paid attention. I advised the bank to friends.

– Natalia
5 stars


Huge respect to the staff of the 13th (happy) branch of PIN Bank of Dnipropetrovsk for prompt and truly stress-free service.

– Valentin Petrovych
5 stars


Internet banking is easy

Java applet “Registrator” is intended for preliminary independent registration of clients – legal entities, generating new EDS keys, changing the password for access to the key.

Servicing of legal entities.

Entrance for clients – legal entities. The work of clients with all financial documents.

Financial Control Center

Entrance for FCC – legal entities. The work of FCC with all financial documents.




Life wins

Happy New Year!

We announce a competition for audit services

Що робити, якщо виявили недостовірну інформацію у своїй кредитній історії?

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