The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was signed into USA law in March 2010.
On June 26, 2014, Ukraine reached an Agreement in substance with the United States on the terms of a Model 1 IGA and consented to be included on the Treasury and IRS List.

Dear customers!
JSC “FIRST INVESTMENT BANK” (hereinafter – the Bank) has registered on the IRS web-site to be in full compliance with the FATCA terms as reporting financial institution under Model 1 IGA and received Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) : PKFKLH.99999.SL.804 which is also publicly available at the FATCA Foreign Financial Institution List Search and Download Tool.

For the purposes of fulfilling the requirements of the FATCA Agreement, banks report on the financial accounts of their clients, which belong to:

  • Individuals – non-residents (US citizens / residents);
  • Non-resident legal entities (registered in the USA);
  • Resident legal entities, the ultimate beneficial owners (controllers) of which are non-resident individuals (US citizens / residents).

To fulfill these conditions and in order to determine (confirm) the Bank’s clients their own status of US tax residence and / or the status of US tax residence of their ultimate beneficial owners (controllers), please fill in and submit to the Bank a Questionnaire for legal entities by November 27, 2020 US tax residency, separately for each year for the period from 2014 to 2019 (inclusive).
FATCA status confirmation forms:

  • Legal Entity Questionnaire to Determine U.S. Tax Residence
  • Questionnaire for an individual to determine US tax residency
  • Form W-9
  • Form W-8BEN-E:

You can get additional information in the department serving you.

Attention! Clients of the Bank are obliged to notify the Bank about the change of their tax status within 10 working days, and in case of acquiring the status of a US tax resident, to submit a completed W-9 form to the Bank.